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Ready to Uncovering Your

True Voice as a Leader and Influencer?

You got the position and worked your way up. Now you realize that your expertise and technical skills are not enough. Your training and education didn’t prepare you for this...


You’re spending too much of your time managing divas and rivals in the office. You’re drained, and despite the room full of people and emails flooding your inbox, you feel isolated. You always seem to be the one to deal with problem personalities and are lost when it comes to finding individuals who can share your wavelength—and burden. How do you create your network of individuals, those you can trust, who will have your back no matter what?


Somehow you just can’t seem to connect with your team. You get the feeling you are intimidating people and are too much of an expert or “heavy-weight”.  How can you be more liked and approachable? Should you reach out more?  Is it even possible to inspire respect for the right reasons, yet build trust and informality with individuals at work?


Or perhaps you have the opposite problem. Despite the extent of burden your team is carrying, the amount of hours you log, you are being perceived as a “lightweight”. Your work is snatched up for all the good it does, but your voice and ideas are ignored.  How can you reposition yourself to stop being taken advantage of?


You were so grateful for your promotion and believed being in a leadership position would allow you greater freedoms and satisfaction. It was supposed to be easier, but somehow you feel like you lost your footing.


Friday review meetings turn out to be torturous. You can’t seem to gain the attention of the room. And, no matter how hard your team has worked, and how many loose ends you’ve tied, you always seem to be falling short according to your supervisor.

No matter your seniority, you dread having to confront misrepresentation or hostility. Confrontations are unpleasant.  You would ideally like to avoid them.

You create checklists.  You diligently work to complete them, but aren’t seeing meaningful results.


You invest hours in hiring employees with impressive resumes, only to find too many of them are ultimately lacking in character. How could you have spotted these tendencies during the interview process and avoided an expensive misjudgment?


What processes can you put in place to gain confidence about your judgement?  Can you skillfully reduce the hours you spend agonizing over making new decisions?

You have an impressive track record of accomplishments, but after they are done, you’re in a rush to move on. There is always something else to be done.

You feel like you’re constantly running a race that will never end.

Too many professionals are burnt-out and blind-sided by the demands of their working life. Highly intelligent and well-qualified individuals have the skill-set and resume for the job, but quickly find themselves knocked off their feet with the workplace culture they are in.

I’m Nithila Peter, PhD., a leadership coach for senior executives and influential leaders. It became clear to me that there exists a huge knowledge gap for individuals in the workplace. They wish to develop the competencies critical for self-management, leadership and the creation of extraordinary cultures within their team/organization, but are unable to do so. I propose that EI is both a science and an art. It is a rare skill to learn how to mature constructive emotions and restrain emotions that would be detrimental to one’s capacity for resilience, risk, optimism and good judgement.


We founded eiLeads with the vision of introducing books, workbooks, workshops, coaching sessions and seminars to support the growth of emotional intelligence--to empower, strengthen and educate professionals. We regard our curriculum as world-class in developing an individual’s character and ability to lead with their authentic self. Past research has credited emotional intelligence as different from IQ, but has not explored its potential or explained how it could be developed. As a result, EI has remained a mystery for many. People assume you have to born with it.  The idea it could be learned, understood and systematically developed is still a new concept.


What emotional characteristics do extraordinary businesses, teams, managers and organizations possess?


What allows certain professionals to be true to themselves while operating in the

machine-like nature of the corporate workplace?

How can an organization raise up managers who foster positive character traits in all of their team members?


Because of the lack of knowledge surrounding the education of EI, we decided to develop a clear coaching framework. One that trains professionals how to make sense of the messy world of emotions and their unique management strengths. Our vision is to teach individuals to use this emotional skillset to strengthen teams, deal with conflict, tackle big goals head-on, create purpose, negotiate peace and finally be in charge of creating situations, projects, teams and relationships that allow one to flourish at work.

Coaching Packages

Gain Access to All 5 Management Styles:


Have an EI Coach to partner with you in a year of coaching. You will set and achieve milstones in each of the 5 management styles.

EI Instrument + Report

20 Individual Sessions

All 5 EI Lens Workbooks

Discover Your
Management Style
& EI Strengths:


Identify your hidden strengths and pitfalls with our online instrument and customized report.

EI Awareness Instrument

Report of Results

Build Your Management Style& Authentic Voice:


Individual coaching sessions to help you understand the results of your EI Awareness Instrument and begin your EI journey

Your Individual Coaching Session

Strengthen Your Management Style:


Individualized coaching to maximize your strengths.


Address Where
Your Management Style is Being Blindsided:


Individualized coaching to transform your blindspot.

EI Instrument + Report
4 Individual Coaching Sessions
1 EI Lens Workbook

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