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Ready to Build an Extraordinary

Culture for Your Organization...

  • Higher levels of performance and productivity from your team and firm


  • The creation of extraordinary business cultures, that are a magnet for innovation


  • Attraction of highly gifted, talented employees and partners


  • Retention of self-motivated driven individuals

Where You Can Ensure the Following Results:


Is your organization looking for an EI framework unlike any other?

Contact to schedule

a Complimentary 30 min Coaching Session.

The EI Workshop
Immersive Program:


Geared toward a team within an organizational setting (corporation, management school or leadership institute).


Clients participate in an immersive 6 hour workshop session. Individual coaching sessions in packages of 4, 8 and 12 are offered to customize the framework for each professional’s emotional spectrum.

The EI Formative


The client approaches the EI Coach for advanced challenges such as these:


• Managing a team of gifted    

   individuals who are rivals.

• Seeking the impetus and

   strength to follow through on

   what you recognize is an

   innovation; a break-through

• Accelerate Collaboration with a  

   high potential relationship.


Typically the client books 8 to 12 sessions to build up the momentum necessary to transform their story.

The Advanced EI


Most suitable offering for long term clients who are looking to shift the culture of their institutions or organizations.


Several meetings are held prior so that customized workshops may be developed & tailored for an organization’s particular culture, personalities and challenges.

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