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This EI Lens Profile reveals the spectrum of your emotional competencies.  But unlike most profiling instruments, it is linked to a rigorous, immersive framework that has a copyright-protected curriculum for the development of emotional intelligence. 


Emotional Intelligence is the secret to how great individuals display conviction and confidence in circumstances that would undo most people.  They stay cool under pressure, because of the tremendous level of internal work they have done, processing hidden emotional data.  Their internal anchors are always clearly available, despite the ambiguity or uncertainty in situations or relationships.  The right emotions consciously guide the thinking, decisions and relationships of such individuals. eiLeads encourages and empowers our clients on this learning path, with an engaging, immersive framework, that is cutting edge and interdisciplinary.

Discover Your

Management Style & EI Strengths

Identify your hidden strengths and pitfalls with our online instrument and customized report.



EI Awareness Instrument

Report of Results


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