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Dr. Peter has created the "5 Lenses" framework to diagnose and optimally navigate emotional undercurrents influencing significant decisions for Leadership, at the level of the individual, of organizations, or society and of culture. The framework provides deeply researched, clear and insightful tools to mature emotional intelligence and ultimately power the competencies vital to navigating complex and uncertain business situations. Her consultation and coaching process engages, educates, and demonstrates to her clients the role EI plays in deepening intrinsic motivation, optimizing decisions, ensuring effiacious implementation, and creating high-value transactions in the workplace.

An expert at uncovering the gifts of the emotional spectrum responsible for an outstanding Professional's best decisions, Dr. Peter utilizes the 5 Lenses profiling instrument to empower clients with a uniquely customized perspective on how emotions drive their unique competencies. She deploys these critical motivational levers, to enhance the client's ability to consciously educate his or her emotional intelligence.

About her "5 Lenses" Framework:

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