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What is the intelligence necessary for organizations to recognize, encourage, grow and harness extraordinary dimensions of human potential at work?

Individuals bring to the workplace a distinct color palette of emotions and internal strengths. How may we empower the culture in organizations doing "good" business, so that they may abundantly benefit from these vital human resources?

Life at work for technically competent experts, might feel like it lacks colo​rThey are bringing their skills but not their individuality to work. How may such a work-culture be created for highly functional individuals?

Certain questions motivate “eiLeads”:


There is a limit to the role external rewards, like titles, awards and financial compensation can play in retaining greatly talented personnel.  What might leaders do to sustain intrinsic motivation, in their organizations?





Along with a richly cultivated palette

of emotions, individuals have a variety of inner strengths – integrity, courage, imagination, creativity, determination, vision…  How can leaders learn, explore, uncover and deepen these inner strengths, and deploy them to lead better?

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