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Professionals & Organizations seek out eiLeads coaching, for the following...

  • Navigating communication exchanges for effective one-on-one conversations, group meetings and written reports

  • Nudging high potential employees to move beyond their comfort zone and seek influential challenges

  • Building highly coordinated, creative teams through intentional hiring and re-positioning

  • Increasing confidence, creativity & productivity of high-potential employees from the inside out

  • Empowering leaders/managers to conduct review processes constructively to increase retention

  • Strengthening individuals to receive the review processes with resilience

  • Encouraging team members to take initiative and seize leadership on relevant issues

  • Taking risks to generate high quality work and creative solutions for high value clients

  • Identifying management sources, styles of management and EI strengths (that might not have been revealed)

  • Increasing trust and faith in the mission of the organization to get the whole team on board

Our clients come from a wide range of industries:

"I have always had success at accomplishing a substantial work-portfolio. I love managing people, and stretching the dollar to the last possible limit, to generate more resources for the work. What I had little perspective about, was how to manage difficult reporting structures and impossible to please authority figures. How would I gain "weight", among these individuals? 


EI coaching and my EI awareness profile has been invaluable in shoring up my conviction, of what my team does brilliantly.  I’ve become more creative in articulating to authority figures the better dimensions of our work, without being overlooked or silenced.  Further I’ve become adept at reading the management style of figures who will determine the future of our work, budget and influence.  I’ve created an EI networking schedule to build authentic relationships with authority figures already well disposed towards my style of working.  EI has given me a macro perspective on strategies I can deploy, while staying more authentic to the emotional investments at stake, in every relationship."

-Senior Hospital Administrator, Leading Southern California Hospital         

Medical & Healthcare

Professional Management

Artists & Creatives

Scholars & Academia

Science & Research

Legal & Judicial

"I have completed several milestones. I’ve lived out a whole arc of accomplishments in my field.  I’m relieved I continue to be considered relevant and influential.  My voice as academic, consultant and author are well established. Yet...


EI coaching helped me open up and expand my understanding of my untapped potential.  Could I contribute to certain fields and areas of influence and activity, that I had a powerful understanding of, that I was not doing much with?  Writing books and articles in a new field looked like too much of a risk, and a departure from my expertise. This  pioneering work will need new teams, and will be cooked over a slow-flame.  Before I took EI coaching I’d work on projects that had much quicker results, that cooked faster, at the level of my speed and competence.  I shifted gear, with the assistance of the EI coach to open up to a whole new possibility, where I have had to team with differently skilled experts so that we could power several books and curricula for an institute of higher learning.  This field of action, relies in unprecedented ways on my emotional spectrum and conviction.  They are slow-burn projects, and I need to develop the perseverance and fortitude to see it through.  My authenticity in creating a transformative knowledge-paradigm, has never been more at stake and EI plays a critical role, in ensuring this process gets to the finish line with the right people in our bus."

                  ~ Professor, Author, Senior Business Consultant and Management Scholar

"My emotional self, felt quieter than it needed to be.  It showed in the work choices, but my voice and personality needed more strength and power.   I needed to gain presence in my relationships, for the wisdom of my passion and the strength of my convictions.  I desired that individuals relate to me not just for my high standards of efficiency, but for who I am as a person, with my vulnerabilities and strengths. Several sessions of Emotional Intelligence coaching and the EI awareness profile, has dared me to make decisions that represent such an integration.  This has transformed priorities at work, the emotional tenor and tone of my work, has greater depth and power.  I know I can always call in to my EI coach when I have to leap forward.  We work together, in shaping and creating an “integrated” milestone that will speak both for my self and my work.  Integrating my rational and emotional processes, in ways that are authentic and true of intention and articulation."

-Media-Lab Director & Professor                     

"Once I got hired in the new position, I have had to rely on skills I had not developed.  Management and Leadership skills, which the decades of training in medicine and surgery had not prepared me for.  I had to recognize the best kind of partners to recruit for my team? Who would constitute a bad hire? How would I best synergize with the institutions I had to develop relationships with?  How do I create the cultural eco-system for the surgery center, that would best reflect a path-breaking vision? How can I work to articulate values that I could support and back, with the greatest credibility?  I wondered if an Executive-MBA program, would answer these questions best?


I discovered EI coaching before that.  I first noticed, my anxieties were so thoroughly addressed that I could sleep with confidence.  With every session, my management style is gaining strength and power in terms of intention and articulation."

-Founder of Surgery Team at Leading Califonian Hospital

"I got betrayed by a significant partner in the business. It was an accident, done without intention. Which made the decision to “stay” or “leave” or “sue”, really difficult. The EI coach walked me through the rational and emotional dimensions of this crisis  Together we walked through several scenarios. I had constant support and creative insight, in restraining the darker range of emotions. I found ways to have difficult conversations with the individuals concerned included my partner. At a crucial juncture, instead of losing a partnership, with a well intentioned professional, EI coaching helped me to stay the course and give the situation ways to recover. The partnership has been rejuvenated by a fresh series of commitments. I recognize this might not have been possible without the strength, power and perseverance EI taught me to display. I remain a student for life, in valuing my emotional intelligence and finding opportunities to grow it."

-Co-Founder of Physicians Practice, Chief Administrative Officer                   

"EI coaching made me conscious of the intentional process, which had a positive result on the subject matter I painted, the process of painting and the journey with auctions and exhibitions for the painting.  My creation of fund raisers, for worthy causes.  EI coaching has also helped me create new projects to service sections of the populations that had been previously overlooked.  My creativity to discover new solutions, and reach larger sections of the community, has been enhanced by EI."

        -Exhibiting Artist & Chair of Cultural Center

"[I chose an EI coach] … to allow me to open up internally more, to nurture ideals.  To sustain relationships, create a mentoring process, develop a positive culture in my team - all of this, is not inevitable.  In a law firm, the work and competition, can get corrosive and emotions do feel unsafe.  Whatever I feel, it is all tucked away, inside.  I had assumed my efficiency and strength came from not showing, how I feel.  This is still largely true.  But with EI coaching, I don’t fear, how deeply I feel about issues.  I allow myself the emotions, and in the spaces that are open, I make decisions powered by how moved I am.  Thus EI coaching, made me live more, in a larger way, at work, and there are individuals I mentor who benefit from it, certain clients are enriched by it and the culture of my team is definitely being shaped differently, because of it." 

-Senior Partner in a Law Firm

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