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Spirituality/ Humility/ Altruism/ Love

spir-it-u-al-i-ty   pronunciation: [spir-i-choo-al-i-tee]


        1. from the Latin for "spiritus" meaning the breath of life. “The divine breath of life that resides in the body is the source of strength and virtue”…Spiritus is perceived as:

               a) the source of creativity in individuals,

               b) as empowering individuals with the ability to grasp the sacred,

               c) as generating within individuals the capacity for love, intimacy, harmony, growth, compassion,

               goodness & optimism… (Berdyaev: 1939, MacQuarrie1972)

        2. wisdom; intelligence; the capacity to reason

        3. the soul

hu-mil-i-ty   pronunciation: [hyoo-mil-​i-tee]


         ... a nondefensive willingness to see the self accurately, including both strengths and limitations. Humble individuals will not willfully distort information in order to defend, repair, or verify their own image. For humble people, there should be no press toward self importance and no burning need to see – or present – themselves as being better than they actually are (Seligman and Peterson, p. 464)




al-tru-ism   pronunciation: [al-troo-​iz-uhm]


           1. not concerned with internal well-being or public recognition…In its fullest expression, altruism includes significant “self-sacrifice” in the aid of strangers or even enemies.  (Seligman & Peterson)
           2. Altruism is motivational state with the ultimate goal of increasing another’s welfare. (Batson)

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