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The detractor emotion, that is attached to one’s agenda, self-interest, method or plan.  In a dysfunctional situation, self-cherishing could result in individuals being oblivious to the reality of another individual. 


In the context of the working life, when we hear complaints that we don’t seem to recognize another individual’s priorities or needs, whether they are our client, boss or colleague, it is possible we are caught up in this inhibitory emotion.  When unattended, self-cherishing can disrupt “trust” and break partnerships.  Activities we engage in that nourishes our self-interest at the cost of others, is powered by this emotion. 


It is a tricky balance, to recognize how much of this emotion is needed to attend to our self-development, and when it might get to being too much!

How would you define self-cherishing?

What are the consequences of being self-cherishing?

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