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Creating immersive learning environments, which has been seminally honed in her early years of teaching in the country’s foremost multimedia lab.


Leading seminars for high performers from a

wide range of industries on emotional intelligence, specifically through the unique material of the 5 EI Lenses framework.


Understanding the role EI plays in generating vital competencies, initiating crucial conversations, engendering an innovative mindset, increasing coherence and subsequently improving performance, leveraging diversity as an asset, building core resilience, and creating both the personality and the culture of authentic leadership.


         Collaborating with leading minds in the arts,

 humanities, and business in the fields

of technology, media, and psychology to identify critical competencies powered by emotional intelligence vital for Leadership in organizations, societies and cultures worldwide.


Dr. Peter is especially talented in:


Maintaining an extraordinary capacity to observe and qualify emotions integral to intrinsic motivation at the workplace, particularly when confronting complex and uncertain situations.

Honing a sensitivity to

the complexity of both flourishing/light-oriented emotions and cautionary/darker emotions that together influence decisions and competencies in positive and negative ways.


Illuminating the connection between emotions and competencies via a transformational presentation style that is immersive, engaging, insightful and creative.


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