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How do you experience confidence​?

What are the essential components of confidence?

As an emotion, in the context of our EI framework, it is the otherworldly internal force within,

that compels you to set unexpected goals. It is inevitably linked with a “vision” a “dream” or a “goal”.


It is your great ally, in powering the actual achievement of the impossible.  This emotion, contributes to that almost unbreakable resilience, particularly when facing severe critics, invested in destabilizing your vision, with dark clouds of disbelief.  Overconfidence, would be a nemesis as would under-confidence.  The feeling of confidence, has to be robust and stand the test of being “real” and achieving results.


Far-sighted goal setting behavior, unfortunately invites to the table, naysayers, devils advocates and mal-intentioned critics.  All these forces, have to be minimized internally, by your conviction. 


Your serene, unflappable confidence, holds close the genuine critics, fearlessly welcomes negative feedback when necessary, but otherwise persists in steadily accomplishing, the action-plan!

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