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Dedicated to Uncovering Your True Voice as a Leader and Influencer

Unlock the Strength, Potential and Far-Reaching Influence of your Authentic Voice
Gain the skills to hear yourself and make yourself be heard amidst the noise...
  • the noise of the marketplace

  • the noise within your organization...

  • the noise of bureaucracy...

  • the noise from your competition...

  • and the noise of dissenters.

You’ve always known that your True Voice, Unique and Distinctive would carry the tone of what you really care about. But how do you disentangle it, from so many influences and pressures, that are NOT YOU.  Also how do you make the Voice, resonate organically to the challenge, context, situation and relationship, without artifice. 


It has to be more than your words. How do you communicate, how you feel and what you feel deeply about?


People listen, when they can hear you care. It is not the knowledge you have, but your concern that attracts attention.


Emotional Intelligence coaching from eiLeads, judiciously unlocks the vocabulary that protects, articulates and expresses your Yoice, the wisdom of your passion.

Ready to uncover your Voice as Leader and Influencer?

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