Ready to Uncover Your Voice as Leader and Influencer?

Systematically gain the vocabulary that will develop the strength, potential and
far-reaching influence of your Authentic Voice

You Would Benefit

from EI Coaching if You...

  • Are a professional in medical industry, corporate world, academia or a not-for-profit organization

  • Lead or manage a team of 5-10 people

  • Are an expert in your field and would like to expand your portfolio.

  • Have been given the responsibility of building teams, developing a new center or institute, or hiring and mentoring like-minded professionals. (Or are actively pursuing such responsibilities yourself.)

  • Are considering getting your Executive MBA or taking additional classes to improve your management skills

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a Complimentary 30 min Coaching Session.

Individual Coaching Packages

Gain Access to All 5 Management Styles:


Have an EI Coach to partner with you in a year of coaching. You will set and achieve milstones in each of the 5 management styles.

EI Instrument + Report

20 Individual Sessions

All 5 EI Lens Workbooks

Discover Your
Management Style
& EI Strengths:


Identify your hidden strengths and pitfalls with our online instrument and customized report.

EI Awareness Instrument

Report of Results

Build Your Management Style& Authentic Voice:


Individual coaching sessions to help you understand the results of your EI Awareness Instrument and begin your EI journey

Your Individual Coaching Session

Strengthen Your Management Style:


Individualized coaching to maximize your strengths.


Address Where
Your Management Style is Being Blindsided:


Individualized coaching to transform your blindspot.

EI Instrument + Report
4 Individual Coaching Sessions
1 EI Lens Workbook


Ready to Build an Extraordinary

Culture for Your Organization...

  • Higher levels of performance and productivity from your team and firm


  • The creation of extraordinary business cultures, that are a magnet for innovation


  • Attraction of highly gifted, talented employees and partners


  • Retention of self-motivated driven individuals

Where You Can Ensure the Following Results:


Is your organization looking for an EI framework unlike any other?

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a Complimentary 30 min Coaching Session.